More life hacks for your everyday housework


Sometimes a simple squeegee can double as a best toy and a stick can become a sword, but you don’t have to be a child to take advantage of a dualism nature found in everyday objects. Most of the things you know can be used some other way, and people have discovered some pretty fun and useful ones, and we are here for you to collect those experiences and help you improve your life quality right now.

akryl2Reduce the number of coats-when you have a surface that needs priming before painting, it usually goes like: prime, paint, finishing. Reduce the cost and the length of the process by using the prime layer with the prime color the same as the finishing coating. This way, you will save one coat, making it quicker and cheaper to paint any surface you need painting, be it a wall, wood floor or a bicycle.

hammerMake hammer head textured – you know how nails come with ribbed head? The reason for it is to ensure the better grip when you hit it with a hammer. But if, after a time, your hammer head becomes to polished or you get nails without the texture that won’t grip and slide a lot you can use this simple trick: grip the head of your hammer and ensure that there is no sliding this time. It’s easier to make that surface ruff than to sand every nail you have.

how-to-clean-paint-brushes-and-rollers-575x403Keep your brushes and rollers soaked – when painting for a long period of time, it happens that your brushes and rollers get dry or even “freeze” over. To prevent that from happening, wrap them in nylon bags while you are on the pause, or over night. This way they will stay full of wet color, wont get hard and dry and you will have better tools to continue the job.

Do_it_Yourself_Tips_How_To_Fix_a_Hole_in_the_Roof_632_1218897210Be careful – this isn’t really an hack as much as an advice. Many people start thinking they can do anything after a few clashes with common chores and sometimes attempt to fix problems more complex then they realize. This can be pretty counterproductive, as you can make more damage than good, causing the actual bill to be higher than you initially would have to pay. It can also be a life hazard, especially if you are dealing with electricity.

674Drilling the tiles – when you are using a drill to make a hole through a ceramic tile or a natural stone tile, it’s helpful to put a piece of masking tape where you are drilling. This makes both drilling easier as the drill won’t skip and run under you and it will make marking the point of entry easier to mark.

design-projectsPlanning – another, more theory than practice hack is planning. When starting a project, predict all the costs and put them on paper so you know what are you getting into before you start. This way you will actually save and see if the project doable before you start.